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Korean Celebrities who Committed Suicide in 2011
Published By Farah on 2011-12-20 1516 Views

The list of Korean celebrities who committed suicide becomes longer. Previously, Jung Da Bin, a Korean actress and singer committed suicide on February 10, 2007 by hanging herself after getting some depression as she wrote on her last note. Lee Eun Joo committed suicide on her apartment on February 22, 2005, on her 24. She cut her hand and hung herself. She committed suicide due to depression.

On January 2007, U Nee, a famous singer and actress of Korea hung herself on her house in Seo-Gu, South Korea, after her mother confirmed that she got depression and some other personal problems. Woo Seung Yoon shocked the public after committed suicide on her 24th. She hung herself on April 27, 2009 due to the same reason; depression. Jang Ja Yeon, a beautiful Korean actress also shocked the public due to her suicide. She also involved some important names in the Korean entertainment industry. She wrote that she committed suicide after getting some sexual abuse and exploitation during her career. Winter Sonata star, Park Yong Ha, committed suicide on June 30, 2010 after frustrating on witnessing how cancer attacked his father. During his father sickness, Park took care of him and he also forcedly took a break from his career.

And now, the trend of suicide among Korean celebrities continues after four outstanding Korean celebrities ended up their life in 2011. Kim Yuri, the future Korean supermodel committed suicide on April 2011 after drinking poison. There are some speculations of Yuri’s reasons of committing suicide. Some say that Yuri was not satisfied with her body that’s not as perfect as the other greater Korean supermodel. Some say that she died due to depression. Not so long after, Chae Dong Ya shocked Korean public with his suicide on May 27. People assumed that Dong Ya caught a heavy depression that led him to end up his life.

Before Dong Ya, Song Ji Seon also committed suicide with an extreme way. She jumped out of her apartment that is on 19th floor. People assumed that the reason of her suicide is her love scandal with baseball athlete, Im Tae-Hoon, but Ji Seon denied that issue. People then started to blame the athlete as the main cause of Jie Seon death.

And the recent suicide case comes from singer Han Chae Won, who died on August 25 by hanging herself. In her personal message she wrote before committing suicide, she said, “I just want to stop this torment and stop crying. They can be gained if I achieved success, but…” People concluded that Chae Won ended up her life due to depression after she felt that she failed to compete with other Korean celebrities.

Money, popularity, and beauty do not stop people from committing suicide, from ending up their life. Happiness and peace are cheap things that cannot be bought by all those three things. All these cases remind us to always thank to God of what we achieve so far, however little it is, face any problem with positive thinking and smile, and value our own life to create happiness and peace in our life.


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