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How to Make Facebook Account from Yahoo!
Published By Farah on 2011-12-12 1783 Views

Facebook is the greatest social networking founded by Mark Zuckenberg on February 2004. Facebook now has about 600 millions users in all over the world and there is no other social networking that can exceed the number of Facebook users.

In Facebook, you can share your status, personal info, photos, or videos to your friends. Facebook allows you to do chatting and gaming, and for the businessmen, Facebook is the great place to earn. Facebook has Facebook Ads that allow them to advertise their products or services to the Facebook users.

The number of Facebook users is still increasing, and Facebook now develop much. Facebook has teamworked with the most brilliant company, CloudCrowd, to do crowdsourcing, YouTube to share videos, and even Yahoo!. You now can sign up for Facebook using Yahoo! Here is the how:

This is so very simple thing to do. Before you sign up for a Facebook account, first of all you need a Yahoo! email. After that, go to Yahoo! website (www.yahoo.com). There you can find in the left side the Facebook menu, simply just click on the icon and then you will be redirected to Facebook home page.

Next, click on “Register” button. You need to input username, password (make as strong as you can by combining alphabetical and numerical character, with lower and upper case), the birth date, and gender. Then you need to type the captcha appearing on the next page. But don’t forget to open your email you used for registering. Find an email from Facebook and click on the verification link. Or the simplest way is by entering your email address, then Facebook will redirect you to Yahoo!. Yahoo! will ask you to authorize the Facebook account you just made or not, just click “agree”. After finishing that step, congratulation, now you have a Facebook account. Add up some photo, write your personal information you can share, search for your friends, and keep in touch with them. Enjoy!

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